Jon to Release Piano Song Book

Recently Jon posted on his social networks that a sheet music book for the songs on Promising Promises will soon be released. The song book will be out in a few weeks. We will keep you updated when we find more information!

Read his post:

I JUST put the finishing touches on the Promising Promises Piano Book!! I haven’t been this excited about sheet music since I bought Brian Adam’s “Everything I do I do it for you”. Oh yeah…


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Promising Promises Acoustic Video

Sorry for the late news, guys! Been super busy with work and usual life ups & downs. Hope you guys are still doing great and enjoying the rest of your summer! Anyway, Jon released this acoustic video of “Promising Promises” a few weeks ago, and you can watch it below.

Also, he announced that he is going on a solo piano tour this fall! How exciting! I will post dates for that as soon as they are available. ♥

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DMX Interview with Jon McLaughlin

Check out an interview Jon did with DMX Music Blog!

Late last year, singer/songwriter and pianist, Jon McLaughlin, visited our Austin headquarters as he made his way through town on his first tour since 2009. He was kind enough to play a few songs from his latest album to a delighted crowd of DMX employees. Then, he sat down for an interview with Music Designer Janica Quach, where they talked about how he got started in music, his biggest influences, the making of Promising Promises, and what it’s like to tour again after a two year hiatus. And since he made an appearance in Disney’s Enchanted, we had to ask him about Patrick Dempsey…

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New Photo Shoot Pictures // Captures

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all gotten your copies of Jon’s new album that came out on Tuesday, Promising Promises! I know I’m enjoying it a lot! Anyway, I have added 30+ new photo shoot pictures from Jon’s latest promoshoot for the new album. You can catch the pictures below! These are some really great shots you don’t want to miss!

Photo Sessions – 16

I’ve also added 550+ screen captures of Jon’s interview for the iTunes version of Promising Promises where he talks about the making of the new album. You can watch Jon’s interview for iTunes: “The Making of Promising Promises” by purchasing his album on iTunes! Enjoy the HD screen captures below…

Screen Captures – iTunes: “Making of Promising Promises”

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Promising Promises is Out Today / Album Reviews

Jon’s new album, Promising Promises, is now out today, May 22nd! As Jon McLaughlin fans, this is a huge day for us, and an even more exciting day for Jon himself. So, congratulations, Jon! I know we’re all really excited to be on this awesome journey with you. You can buy Promising Promises at Jon’s official site, iTunes, Amazon, and at Best Buy. So, be sure to pick it up today – let’s show Jon the biggest amount of support we can!

Now, for some reviews of the album, Promising Promises! Enjoy reading these below, and feel free to give us your own review by leaving a comment!

Reviewer: Jake Underwood of

It’s safe to say Jon McLaughlin has had a pretty accomplished career so far. He has appeared in a Disney movie, toured with some high-end mainstream acts, and performed in front of 32 million at the Oscars. The singer/songwriter has been around since 2003, steadily releasing records throughout the years. His latest, Promising Promises, is exactly what the first word in the title says: Promising.

Promising Promises begins with the title track, and it’s easy to see that the album will be piano driven. The song is extremely catchy and also shows off the vocals of McLaughlin. With some added guitars and soaring vocals, it sets the stage for the rest of the album. “You Never Know” follows and slows down the pace from the beginning track. The song keeps the piano while adding in some hand claps and guitar. There’s a little bit of a southern twang to the track, which actually fits well into the grand scheme. [Read More]

Reviewer: Amazon Editorial Review

Jon McLaughlin’s new album Promising Promises embodies McLaughlin’s irresistible songwriting style along with his sweetly melancholic approach to storytelling. As he explains, “It feels really good to have a record that I’m working on that I can really deliver wholeheartedly knowing that the fans are getting a piece of me.” He continues, “There isn’t a note on the record that I didn’t spend hours scrutinizing over, or at the very least sitting with and playing over and over again. I feel like it’s a real connection to me.” Promising Promises takes flight on the album’s first single, “Summer Is Over,” (featuring Sara Bareilles) written for a friend in the throes of a crushing break-up. The track is the perhaps the most incendiary of Jon’s career. Also at the core of Promising Promises are songs like “These Crazy Times,’ (written after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill), “If Only I” (bearing a different take on loss, written from the perspective of a person deeply, madly in love with someone they’ve never worked up the courage to talk to) and the album’s consuming title track, “Promising Promises,” a piano tour-de-force.

Reviewer: Nicolette Taber of Inspirer Magazine

Not to be confused with John McLaughlin, Jon McLaughlin is a promising pop rock artist from Indiana. Promising Promises is his third full studio album. He has been spotted on tour opening up for acts like Kelly Clarkson and Sara Bareilles. Along with writing and performing music, he also made an appearance playing a song for the Disney movie Enchanted, which led to a famous performance at the 80th Academy Awards. Jon McLaughlin has accomplished plenty of things at his young age of 29, and I strongly believe that he will continue to do so with his immense talent.[Read More]

Want more reviews of Promising Promises? Follow us on Twitter for more links, and don’t forget to leave your own reviews of the album here in the comments section.

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Brand New Promising Promises Photo Shoot & Scans

Hey everyone! Today I received my Promising Promises package in the mail (3 days early!) so now we have some new photos of Jon in our gallery. I have scanned these from the calendar and the CD booklet myself, so if you use any of these, please credit Anyway, check out these great photos below by clicking on the thumbnails!

Photo Sessions – 16

“Promising Promises” – Album Artwork

Oh, and I have also updated our main site’s layout using a few of these new pictures. I like this one a lot more than the previous layout! Hope you guys do as well.

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Jon’s New Biography

A new biography has been written which focuses on Jon’s new album Promising Promises (out on May 22nd!) Read it below…

Speaking from his home in the Midwest on a beautiful spring day, singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin would strike you as a pretty relaxed guy. As he recounts his numerous accomplishments without any bravado, it would be understandable for McLaughlin to feel like he could coast a little as he prepares to release his third album, Promising Promises (Razor & Tie). Case in point: An aptitude for piano discovered as a child, submersion in all school related music programs, college to continue his study of music, cultivating a big online following in the early days of social media, scoring a label deal at age 21, inking big song placements on television and movies, a performance at the Academy Awards, selling 170k albums, debuting at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart – pretty heady stuff for a guy from Indiana who just wanted to be able to play like Billy Joel someday…” [Read the Rest]

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“Promising Promises” Pre-Order Packages

Try saying the title of this post 5 times fast… haha! Now we can all go pre-order Jon’s new album (which comes out 3 weeks from today) Promising Promises! You can go to to find out about all seven of the pre-order packages which range from $10.00 – $79.99! I’m thinking about doing the most expensive package just because I really want everything so bad! The big package comes with the album, digital download, t-shirt, poster, calendar, postcards, and a meet-and-greet with Jon on his spring tour (or instead of the meet-and-greet, a personalized acoustic performance of “The Atmosphere”).

What package are you guys going to order or do you just plan on getting the album itself? Leave your comments!

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Livestream Chat with Jon Wednesday, May 2nd

Don’t miss out on your chance to chat with Jon this Wednesday, May 2nd at 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. He will be doing a live performance and answering questions from fans via Livestream. RSVP at this link and sign up to get a reminder before the show starts!

Also, there is a new photo shoot image from Jon’s Promising Promises album shoot added to out gallery. View it here! It’s my new favorite photo! I can’t wait to see more of these pictures surface online.

P.S. – A new layout on the site and gallery is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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“Promising Promises” Official Track-list

The official track-listing for Promising Promises has been posted online. This isn’t 100% official, but it has been published from various sources, so it is probably correct & reliable. Three of the songs from Forever if Ever have been taken off (“A Little Too Hard (& A Little Too Fast)”, “You Are What I’m Here For”, and “I Brought This On Myself”) and three new ones have been added (“You Never Know”, “The Atmosphere”, and “Falling”). I know I can’t wait to hear the new tracks, and the whole album re-mastered as a whole!

1. Promising Promises
2. You Never Know
3. Summer Is Over (featuring Sara Bareilles)
4. The Atmosphere
5. What I Want
6. I’ll Follow You
7. Maybe It’s Over (featuring Xenia)
8. If Only I
9. Falling
10. Without You Now
11. My Girl Tonight
12. These Crazy Times
13. Wool Over Eyes (hidden track)

What do you think the new songs will be like, and how do you feel about the three tracks being removed? Were there other songs you’d like to have been taken off? Leave your comments!

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