RTV6 Interview With Jon McLaughlin

Check out this new interview with Jon! He talks to Ericka Flye about his music and his personal life. It also shows you his recording room at his house, and we now know he is working on new music and a new album! Watch the interview now below! It’s so nice to see a new interview with Jon. What do you guys think?

Also, I am designing a new theme for the site that should be up later today! I am updating more of the site as well, so keep a look out!

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Exclusive B-Sides (3 Song Bundle)

This may be a little late news to some of you guys, but for those who didn’t know (like me, ten minutes ago!) Jon McLaughlin has released a new 3-song digital b-sides EP. Fans have never heard these songs before, so this is extremely exciting news!

Songs that are included are: “Forever if Ever,” “Rip My Heart Out,” and “Nobody Knows.”

Click here to purchase this digital EP online! It’s only $3.87 – how can you beat that?

If anyone runs into issues when downloading, try leaving a comment here, and we will help you out.

Let us know in the comments:
Which track is your favorite?

Mine is “Rip My Heart Out” – so amazing and catchy!

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Catching Up

Sorry there has been a lack of updates here at Jon-Mclaughlin.com lately! Jon has been under the radar lately because (as most of you know) Jon and his wife Amy welcomed their first child into the world right before the new year. Her name is Luca, and she is completely adorable!

Jon has posted some pictures recently, which I have added to our gallery. View them below.

Jon’s Social Networks – Facebook

Here are the things we’ve missed while the site wasn’t updated…

The Promising Promises Piano Book is now available for purchase! Click here!

The “Songs I Wrote…” EP is available to purchase for the first time ever. Get it here.

“Promising Promises” can be purchased for only $5.00 on Amazon MP3.

Anyway, hope you all are having a great day and that everyone had a happy holiday and new year! I will do my best to keep the site updated with all the latest news on Jon and his career!

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Livestream Concert on October 21

Next Sunday night (October 21st at 9:30pm EST) Jon will be performing a show at Joe’s Pub, and it will be shown live and available for all fans to watch via Livestream. Click here to go to the link where the show will be aired!

Read Jon’s post about it:

I will be live streaming my show live from Joe’s Pub at 10:05pm EST on 10/21 with @Livestream. Check it out at the link below!

Will you guys be tuning in to watch his performance? Is anyone attending this show? Leave a comment!

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New Theme Launched at Jon McLaughlin Source

I have just put up a brand new theme here at Jon-McLaughlin.com. It features photos from Jon’s Nikon photo shoot and his “Promising Promises” album shoot. I hope you guys like the theme. I thought I would try something simple this time, so hopefully everything looks good to you guys!

If you see any technical issues whatsoever with the new theme, please leave a comment, and I will fix it promptly!

Remember to follow us on Twitter @jonmclsource for all the latest news and updates on Jon McLaughlin! Thank you.

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Happy Birthday to Jon McLaughlin

September 27th, 1982 Jon McLaughlin was born. So, today he’s turning 30, but don’t worry, Jon – you’ll still always be 29 to us! ;) We at Jon-McLaughlin.com hope you have the greatest birthday possible! You are such an inspiration to us and all of your fans. We love you! Happy Birthday!

Please leave a comment wishing Jon a happy birthday and maybe he’ll see it!

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Fall Tour Dates

Below is the complete list of Jon Mclaughlin’s fall tour dates! Click the image to RSVP on Facebook!

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Jon to Release Piano Song Book

Recently Jon posted on his social networks that a sheet music book for the songs on Promising Promises will soon be released. The song book will be out in a few weeks. We will keep you updated when we find more information!

Read his post:

I JUST put the finishing touches on the Promising Promises Piano Book!! I haven’t been this excited about sheet music since I bought Brian Adam’s “Everything I do I do it for you”. Oh yeah…


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Promising Promises Acoustic Video

Sorry for the late news, guys! Been super busy with work and usual life ups & downs. Hope you guys are still doing great and enjoying the rest of your summer! Anyway, Jon released this acoustic video of “Promising Promises” a few weeks ago, and you can watch it below.

Also, he announced that he is going on a solo piano tour this fall! How exciting! I will post dates for that as soon as they are available. ♥

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Performance on VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live

Watch Jon and the band perform “Summer is Over” and “Industry” from VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live which aired on Thursday.

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